Event at IFS, Sept 24th

Event at IFS, Sept 24th

20150924_190113GreenLight Project Management was invited to participate as Sponsor at the official launch of IFS Applications 9.

The event was held on September 24th at the Colegio de Arquitectos in Madrid (Spain) and was attended by customers, partners and a very good representation of the National media, these ones transmitting and publishing the event on-line.

During the event, not only the IFS President and IFS CEO for Iberia presented the new software for Enterprises, but several partners showed some products and services working in the same ecosystem, addressing niche problems with modular solutions

The slogan used for the event was “Solutions for an Agile Enterprise”, being one of the main messages the need of working in a cooperative way, scenario where the total solution offered to the customer is a kit with modular products and services, each one of those been offered by a company, vs. the traditional scenario where big (but very disruptive and not flexible at all) companies offered the total solution.

A second message broadly used by the speakers was the need of flexibility, as answer to the changing environment where we work today, independently of our business sector.

Last but not least, the third main message heard was the need of modular solutions, to assure the agility and flexibility demanded by the market.

Greenlight Project Management helps enterprises to handle the deployment of software products like IFS Applications 9, by managing it with methodologies and tools broadly used in Project Management.

One of our competitive advantages is our frame called Project Management 3.0, where projects like software deployment (very disruptive and resource consuming from the business point of view) are implemented without losing the business goals and business strategy as the core of the deployment. It allows not only to minimize and predict risks, but to keep the focus of the Company in what is really key: the business goals.

For questions regarding how to implement PM 3.0 in your Company, or on how we can help you in your projects, including but not only, software, new products or other deployments, please contact us at greenlightpm@greenlighpm.com.

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