Event Launching PM3.0

Event: Launching PM3.0

Greenlight Project Management S.L. launches the new framework PM 3.0, “Business oriented Project Management”

October 8th was the date chosen by Greenlight Project Management to officially launch the new framework called Project Management (PM) 3.0, or “Business oriented project Management”. The event was celebrated at its headquarter offices in Madrid (Spain),

Rickard Romander, CEO and founder of the company, has developed this framework by using his long experience in project management. He realized that, very often in the organizations, projects are managed as goals to be achieved per se, independently of the business goals of the company, although meanwhile those goals suffer changes as is so common today.

That´s why it is so important to define and use methodologies and tools that assure the alignment between the projects and the company goals during the whole process, so the focus continues where it has to be: in the financial and strategic goals defined by the company.

Customers invited to attend the event were a very good mix of old and recent ones, as well as very different in size and in project culture maturity. Some of them had even participated in defining the framework, by providing experiences and feedback.

During the 3 hours-event, the participants heard some suggestions about how to increase their companies´ project maturity culture by actively working in 4 main areas:

1.- Project Portfolio Management,

2.- A common way of working,

3.- Competence & Organization,

4.- Continuous Transformation,

as well as the role of the PMO (Project Management Office), not only as responsible of the governance of the portfolio, but as facilitator of the implementation of each one of those 4 main areas, as we can see in the chart below:



After the introduction of the framework the participants were divided into some groups to actively begin applying what learnt to their organizations, trying to recognize 1 or 2 main areas to begin with to quickly increase the PM culture maturity of their areas.

Due to the very different business sectors, size and current maturity level of the companies participating in the discussions, the experiences and ideas exchanged were very productive, according with the feedback received by the attendees after the event.

Based on this experience, we have already begun programing another similar event for January 2016 in Madrid. If you want to attend just send as an e-mail to greenlightpm@greenlightpm.com .

And if meanwhile you want to quickly assess the current maturity level of your project management organization or to download the White paper we have prepared about PM 3.0, just click on:


Some pictures of the event:


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