Interactive Video-Based Courses

NEW: Managing Projects Using GPMM 3.0

Interactive Video-Based Courses

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We offer interactive video-based courses. In the complete suite of courses you will learn how to manage Projects, Programs, portfolio and PMOs.

The first 4 courses cover project management in general, and the world leading model, GPMM – Greenlight Project Management Model. (you learn more about GPMM here.)

The model, which will give you a hands-on approach to how to analyze, plan and manage projects, is based on the most well-known standards and best practices from thousands of real projects.

The courses also cover how to ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration between the project and the surrounding elements, such as the Functional organization, Project Sponsorship, Governance, Functional Areas and the PMOs.

The complete suite covers the following courses:

Available Now:
  • Course 1       Introduction to GPMM
  • Course 2      Project Initiation Using GPMM
  • Course 3      Project Planning Using GPMM
  • Course 4      Project Execution and Conclusion Using GPMM
Under Development:
  • Course 5       With focus on Agile
  • Course 6       With focus on Human Skills
  • Course 7       With focus on Hybrid Project Management
  • Course 8       With focus on Business Analysis
  • Course 9       With focus on Program Management
  • Course 10     With focus on Project Portfolio Management
  • Course 11      With focus on the PMO (Project Management Office)

Course contents in more detail:

Course 1 – Introduction to GPMM
    • Project Culture
    • Projects in a Multi-Project Organization
    • GPMM Overview
    • Roles and Responsibilities and Core 3 Model
    • Project types (Structured, Agile and Hybrid)
    • 4 tests/quizzes
    • Case Study and Case study solutions
Course 2 – Project Initiation Using GPMM
    • Project Initiation (The Project charter and the relation between the Project Manager and the Sponsor)
    • Milestones and The Tollgate Model
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Scope Management and Requirements classification scheme
    • WBS – Work Breakdown Structure
    • Setting the Project’s Goal and Project Strategy
    • 3 tests/quizzes
    • Case Study and Case study solutions
Course 3 – Project Planning Using GPMM
    • Project Planning (from WBS to TG2 decision, and start of execution)
      • Estimations
      • Network diagram – dependencies, Critical path
      • Resource planning
      • Milestones
      • Timeplan
      • Project cost budget
    • Customer Project Specifics – Project Financial Management (Net Sales, Net Margin and Cash-flow)
    • Risk Management (Risk Analysis, Risk response actions)
    • The Tollgate 2 Assessment / Decision
    • 5 tests /quizzes
    • Case Study and Case study solutions
Course 4 – Project Execution and Conclusion Using GPMM
    • Execution
      • Establishment (Checklist, Double-S curve)
      • Realization 1 (Stakeholder management, Communications management, Procurement management)
      • Realization 2 (Value Management, The business case, Project Financial Management)
      • Realization 3 (Project Control and follow-up, PDCA, Milestones, Managing the Critical path, Risk Management)
      • Realization 4 (Scope Creep, Manage and control changes, Quality management)
      • Handover and Conclusion Phase (Handovers, Checklist, Final Report)
    • Governance Project Sponsor, Governance Board/Steering Group, Status Reporting)
    • The Human Perspective (Five attitudes)
    • 4 Tests/quizzes
    • Case Study and Case study solutions
    • Course Closure (incl Project Manager role – some final recommendations)

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