GPMM 3.0 Project Edition eBook (Español)

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GPMM® 3.0 is a Business Driven Enterprise Project Management Model and Handbook, covering all areas of successful Project Management and related disciplines.

Price: 9,95$ on Amazon.

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Greenlight Project Management Model 3.0 eBook (Español)

Using the GPMM® model and this handbook you will:

  • Manage your projects better
  • Know when, and how to manage projects as structured, agile or hybrid
  • Launch new products and services more quickly
  • Improve the customer satisfaction
  • Be more efficient
  • Improve your management of change (Transformation)
With GPMM® you will have all the knowledge, practical hands-on advice and support you need, at your fingertips for all your projects, including Structured, Agile and Hybrid projects


1        GPMM® – Executive Summary
2        Project Fundamentals
3        Project Life Cycle Model
4        Organization Model
5        Business Perspective
6        Human Perspective
7        Project Management Knowledge Areas
8        Project Planning and Control – Step by Step
9        Agile Methods – Agile Projects
10      Project Documents
11      How to Use GPMM in Your REAL projects
Appendix 1:          CHECKLISTS
Appendix 2:          WANT TO LEARN MORE?
Appendix 3:          REFERENCES
Appendix 4:          TERMINOLOGY