Project Planning Using GPMM


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This is course 3 of 4 in the GPMM 3.0 Course Suite, covering how to manage projects in general, but also with the additional value of using the world leading model: GPMM – the Greenlight Project Management Model. This course focuses on all aspects relating to the planning of projects, with a special focus on customer projects. This covers a detailed step-by-step series of activities with their associated tools and techniques, such as Structuring and WBS, Sequencing and Network Diagram, Critical Path method and Scheduling, Resourcing techniques, Cost estimating, Budget Development, the various Risk management steps, as well as how to document these results in an effective way, aligned with the GPMM model. A practical Case Study example is used to bring home the main elements and the practical side in these areas.



Learning Objectives: After the course you will better:

❖ Understand the key steps in Project Planning and their associated tools and techniques

❖ Know how to develop a WBS, Activities and Network Diagram

❖ Know how to develop Resource histograms, Cost Estimates and accumulated cost curves

❖ Be able to apply various techniques for Risk identification, analysis and response actions

❖ Be able to combine the previous results into a Project Schedule (Gantt Chart) and Project Budget (S-Curve)

❖ Be able to develop a detailed Project Management Plan.

❖ Understand the required inputs for a Steering Group decision to start execution (Tollgate 2).

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