Introducing Project Management 3.0

When managing your projects:

  1. Do you know how many of your projects finish as planned, especially on time and cost?
  2. If not, do you know the reasons and, more important, how to improve the results next time?
  3. Are they aligned with your Company goals? Always? Even when the Company goals change due to market changes?
  4. Do you know how, and in what areas you should act to be more efficient when running your projects? How to create synergies when managing your programs?

It is widely known that only 3 out of 10 projects actually finish successfully, meaning that the scope and the goals are delivered on time and within budget. This means that a lot of effort and financial resources are wasted.

The Project Performance is much better in organizations with a good and common Project Culture!

In GreenlightPM we have defined what we call a Business Driven Project Management Culture, which we believe all organizations should strive for, if they depend on project management to any extent at all.

Graphically, we recommend to analyze and act on 5 main areas:

Based on our experience from more than 30 companies and organizations we know that a maturity assessment of this type is very much appreciated and of high value, since it provides a very good starting point for the coming improvement activities.

To know more about this, please download any of the 2 White Papers we have prepared for you:


Quick Assessment
Project Culture Maturity Auto Assessment
A simple benchmarking exercise that aims to give an indication of how good the organization's Business Driven Project Culture is. A quick and easy first step towards better business results.
6 signs
Auto Assessment
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Basic Assessment
Project Culture Maturity Assessment - Basic
An external assessment with a questionnaire that help you conduct an analysis of your organization with our professional support. A good first step towards better business results and a better and common Business Driven Project Culture.
35 questions Questionnaire
Questionnaire sent to up to 20 people
Professional Evaluation
Written Report with Recommendations
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Advanced Assessment
Project Culture Maturity – Advanced
An even more comprehensive assessment, since in this service GreenlightPM’s experienced consultants will assist you in a professional evaluation of your organization. We will assess the Project Culture maturity level and help you define improvements and prepare an action plan. We will also present the results to you personally.
35 or 70 questions Questionnaire
Questionnaire sent to up to 100 people
Professional Evaluation
Written report with Recommendations and Proposed Actions
A personal 1 hour presentation (video-conference)
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The Assessment can be combined with a personal interview and workshop for a more complete analysis; Either on site or remotely.

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