Managing the lack of governance & project management processes

Success story

Managing the lack of governance & project management processes

This case illustrates the importance of a common project management methodology, tailor-made for a specific business, in carrying out worldwide telco projects for multinational companies efficiently.

Initial situation

A Tier 1 global telecom operator set up a new branch company to provide multinational companies with end-to-end communication means and value added services for their headquarters and premises worldwide. The operator also wanted to seize the opportunity provided by this new company to design advanced project management and governance processes tailored to its specific business.

The company wanted to:

  • Create a project culture common to all involved departments and projects (of which there were more than 100 a year)
  • Define a project management methodology adapted to its specific business and customers
  • Be efficient in managing projects and optimizing margins
  • Set up and implement a new organization
  • Empower project managers to a degree that enabled them to lead transformation projects in a matrix organization


There were already existing project management methodologies in some other companies within the group, but these were not adapted to the business of the new company and were also not up to date. In addition:

  • Employees were used to a “vertical” working culture (people focused on department objectives) rather than transversal (people focused on company objectives and end-to-end projects).
  • Project stakeholders’ responsibilities were not clear
  • The delivery precision was a constant cause for complaint from its customers
  • Project financial management was not performed and profitability was not controlled after the sales deals were closed.

The Greenlight Project Management Solution

GreenlightPM tackled the different aspects required to overcome the challenges, as shown in the following Work Breakdown Structure:

GreenlightPM, together with the directors of the involved departments, developed the objectives for the short, medium and long term. The first implementation phase (2010), focused on designing the target methodology, governance processes and implementing quick wins. Later (late 2014), the company tackled the medium term objectives by defining several project categories, adapting the methodology to each category and implementing project financial management. Currently the company keeps on evolving and refining the methodology in accordance with the evolution of the business and through continuous project management processes.


  • The company adopted the lifecycle and governance models, covering from the early bid phases through to service operation, and continues using them in all its projects.
  • Since the introduction in 2010 the company is using the project management methodology designed and implemented by GreenlightPM in its various regions worldwide, covering the following project topics:
    1. Life cycle,
    2. Organization,
    3. Knowledge areas,
    4. Business & human perspective,
    5. Planning, control and financial management + KPIs,
    6. Documentation & templates,
    7. PMO, portfolio & program management model and
    8. How to apply the project management methodology to each project category
  • Delivery precision of projects increased by more than 30%.
  • Project managers now enjoy a recognition of their authority which is transversal across departments.
  • Financial control is performed in selected large and medium size projects
  • GreenlightPM also developed the Service Management Model -which is complementary to the Project Management model - the company uses to provide best-in-class customer service.


The Service Management Model describes the team organization, main responsibilities, governance, service reporting, documents/templates, and activities along the multinational customer life cycle. Pleases contact us if more detailed information is required.


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