Finance for non financials 8h

Finance for non financials - VCT

PDUs: 8

Language: English

Participants: 8 to 12

Price: 295,00 EUR + VAT

Fact sheet:   icono_pdf_verde

Virtual Classroom

29 - 30 May, 2023

Timeframe: 14:00-18:00 (CET or CEST as applicable*)

(*) CEST applies since March 26th, 2023


Financial skills is useful and needed for most employees and managers. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of financials, to help you better analyze the situation, and make better decisions. Decisions that will help your company and organization to meet the financial goals. After the course you will better understand the fundamental financial concepts, the terminology, the three financial statements and key financial indicators.


After the course you will:

Better understand accounting and financial information and terminology

Better know the three financial statements (income, balance and cash flow).

Better know the key financial performance indicators (KPIs) and ratios. 

Have an improved financial acumen

Target Group:

 Non-financial line / functional managers and directors

 Non-financial Staff

 Project Managers

 Team members

 Core 3 members

 Other people with interest in financials


 Financial and accounting fundamentals

 The three financial statements (income, balance and cash flow)

 The annual report

 Accounting Principles and Directives

 Result Analysis and Revenue Recognition

 Key financial KPI:s

 Financial ratios

 Working Capital

 Cost of capital

 Budgeting

 Customer project financial management – briefly

 Exercises and a specific case study

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