Managing Projects Using GPMM 3.0 – Course Suite


Price: 229.00 €

This suite comprises four interactive video-based courses where you will learn how to manage projects, in general but also with the additional value of using the world leading model: GPMM – the Greenlight Project Management Model.
The model will give you a hands-on approach to how to analyze, plan and manage projects, and is based on the most well-known standards and best practices from thousands of real projects.
The courses also cover how to ensure a smooth and efficient collaboration between the project and the surrounding elements, such as the Functional organization, Project Sponsorship, Governance, Functional Areas and the PMOs.

The four courses, also available for individual purchase, are as follows:

  1. Introduction to GPMM
  2. Project Initiation using GPMM
  3. Project Planning using GPMM
  4. Project Execution and Conclusion using GPMM




After passing this suite of courses you will

❖ Have better knowledge of the project work form and the importance of a common project culture.
❖ Understand the project manager’s role as well as other key roles in and around projects in a multi-project organization.
❖ Be able to take responsibility for all aspects of a project to ensure its successful conclusion meeting the goals.
❖ Be able to use the GPMM Project Management Model.

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