Project Execution and Conclusion Using GPMM


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This is course 4 of 4 in the GPMM 3.0 Course Suite, covering how to manage projects in general, but also with the additional value of using the world-leading model: GPMM – the Greenlight Project Management Model. This course focuses on all aspects relating to the successful execution, delivery and conclusion of projects. This covers the establishment, governance, realization, monitoring and control, reporting, delivery, handover and validation of deliverables, conclusion including analysis of results and lessons learned. This includes a special emphasis on the Human Perspective focusing on individual competence, teamwork and leadership. A practical Case Study example is used to bring home the main elements and the practical side in these areas.



Learning Objectives: After the course you will better:

❖ Know the relationship and difference between planning “on paper” and reality in execution.

❖ Know how to get the team together to set the plans in motion and get things done in the real world.

❖ Be able to lead the team to keep producing results as close to the established plans as possible.

❖ Know how to manage conflict and other human issues.

❖ Be able to strike the balance between competing priorities throughout the project.

❖ Be able to communicate and report about progress and issues at different levels in the organization.

❖ Understand the various steps in Project Conclusion and how to do them.

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