Project Initiation Using GPMM


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This is course 2 of 4 in the GPMM 3.0 Course Suite, covering how to manage projects in general, but also with the additional value of using the world-leading model: GPMM – the Greenlight Project Management Model. This course focuses on all aspects surrounding the initiation of projects, including the relationship to portfolio management, business considerations, decision-making and stakeholder engagement as well as Scope Management in relation to strategy and goal-setting. A practical Case Study example is used to bring home the main elements and the practical side in these areas.



Learning Objectives: After the course you will better:

❖ Understand why and how projects are started up, based on the underlying business considerations.

❖ Be familiar with the Tollgate model and how it helps maintain the business focus throughout a project.

❖ Be familiar with Milestones and how they interact with the Tollgate model.

❖ Be able to effectively identify, analyze and involve Stakeholders.

❖ Be able to formulate project goals, based on strategy, business case and requirements.

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