Aligning projects with business strategy

As Project Management becomes more important, most organizations tend to establish Project Management excellence centers – so called PMOs. A PMO is traditionally the organizational unit and vehicle for the coordination, standardization and management of these practices.

At GreenlightPM we go one step further! – We believe the PMO should drive the whole organization towards a common and efficient Project Culture!

We offer various services related to PMOs.

We can:

  • Establish and/or improve your PMO.
  • Manage your PMO as an outsourcing service; either for an indefinite period of time or with the purpose to hand it over to you when you feel ready to in-source the PMO using your own people.
  • Support your PMO in various aspects with mentoring, coaching, training, audits, assessments, etc.
  • Apply a mixed approach, managing part of your PMO functions on site and part of them remotely. This type of service is what we call “Your PMO in the Cloud”!

All of our services are also available as a combined PMO and SMO (Service Management Office), in line with the trend that a PMO could also cover Service Management activities.


7 areas

PMO Model 30

We use our 7 area PMO Model to define the functions and responsibilities of the PMO. The areas are:

  • Project Portfolio Management – Ensure that the chosen projects and programs are the ones which are aligned with the company’s business strategy and goals.
  • Business Acumen – Ensure that the organization has business acumen behavior at project- and portfolio level.
  • Project support – Ensure that projects and programs receive the necessary support.
  • Processes & Tools / Continuous Improvement – Ensure that the cross-functional processes are adequate and up-to-date to facilitate optimal project management.
  • Staffing & Continuous Learning – Ensure that Project Managers and Project Management teams are the adequate ones and that they have the competence needed.
  • Project Leadership Skills – Ensure that the best possible leadership and human skills aspect are considered and well-managed in the projects.
  • Project Culture – Ensure that the whole organization works towards a good, efficient and common project culture.

Each area covers 10-15 activities, which are divided into 3 levels; Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, which we implement, step by step together with the customer, as the PMO matures.

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